• Molecular Surface Modification

    The game changer in industrial lubrication
    Friction Reducer
    99% USDA Certified Biobased Product
    Made in the USA
    93% Biodegradability
    Ground & Water pollution is minimized
    Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Molecular Surface Modification Technology

    Activated by friction
    Makes a wider, slicker, & smoother surface
    Seeks out the friction points and penetrates into the asperities on the surface
    Chemically attracted and bound to the metal
    Protective film barrier that stays in place
    In Coil Tubing
    Activated directly within the metallurgical structure of the torque points on the coil tubes.
    The protected surface will have a lower coefficient of friction and will impede corrosion from water, oxidation, and other contaminants, and extend the life of the reel.
  • Ambertech Products

    AmberTech M99
    AmberTech MSM Grease
    AmberTech PSL
    AmberTech MSM Sport Treatment
  • Overall Benefits

    Reduces the coefficient of friction
    (Less energy requirement)
    Improves fuel economy
    (Reduces overall operating cost and reduces emissions)
    Minimizes harmful ‘metal-to-metal’ contact
    (Machines stay in specification longer)
    Reduces operating temperatures
    (Less thermal stress and damage on all metals and seals)
    Reduces wear on parts
    (Reduced maintenance cost)
    Reduces noise and vibration
    (Less damage and breakdown from parts ‘knocking’ together)
    Lubricates Elastomers
    (Increases seal and hose life)
    Swells Elastomers/Seals
    (Reduces oil leaks and subsequent damage)
    Reduces oil consumption
    (Saves on lubricant cost)
    Impedes Corrosion
    (Protects against contamination damage)
    Reduces ‘Cold-Start’ Load
    (Extends service life of equipment)
    Cleans away sludge and varnish
    (Reduces repair and maintenance costs)